Christopher Doyle


Christopher Doyle
Meta Advisor
First Appearance:

"I've been doing this for a long time."

Christopher Doyle was a cameo character from He was the author of a now finished Lego webcomic called The Brick House, another comic from the Brick Comic Network.

He briefly served as a meta advisor for the LCPD.


He was a bald minifigure with a redish brown beard and small, circular glasses. He wore a plain red shirt and grey pants.


After Tracey Ruth complained that there were no solid leads in her investigation into The Suits, Doyle was called into Brad Burkley's office and introduced as the department's new Meta Advisor. His job was to evaluate everything that had happened and predict what would happen in the future due to his expansive knowledge of web comic cliches and over used subplots.

He told them that the biggest, most important development that had happened (the recent bank robbery) was probably completely pointless and they should instead be investigating minute details that were glossed over in passing dialog. It's unclear what he was referring to.

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