The Master

The Master

First Appearance:
Out of The Pan: #130 - The Master

The Master is a mysterious human/monster hybrid who has been summoned to attack the Kingdom of Tropus on two separate occasions. It is unknown how he is summoned or what his motivation is.


The master wears a black vest with golden trim and a grey cape. His face is obscured by a solid gold mask where only his red eyes and mouth can be seen. His skin is sea-foam green.

Known UnderlingsEdit


In a time period simply referred to as "a lost time in history," The Master was summoned by a group of teens with attitude who sought to overthrow the king of Tropus. The Master nearly brought the rebels to victory before he was defeated by Sir McGuffin. Sir McGuffin trapped the master's "unnatural powers" in his sword, which was hidden away. No one knows where The Master went after that.


Into The FireEdit

The Master Chair
Captain Shirok, the Undead Knight and Dug travelled to an isolated temple deep in the woods bordering the Kingdom of Tropus. Captain Shirok informed him about the arrival of Dr. Gears and Mega Pig. When The Master found out that Mega Pig was a psychic, he demanded that the pig be captured and brought to him.

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